The Art of Pasta-Making


I kid you not, I’ve had pasta every day since I arrived to Italy a week ago. A group of us got the luxury to learn the skill of fresh, authentic pasta-making at an Italian farm down from Perugia’s hillside. Although the lesson was in Italian, the owner  and I both had a burst of laughter once I not-so-gracefully broke the egg shells into the flour in front of the whole group.

To have your own homemade pasta, start by scrambling 3 fresh eggs with flour and a dab of water to make the dough. Once evenly mixed, roll out the dough into a thin circular shape. Then cut into any pasta shape (we made fettuccine).  Fresh pasta takes usually less than 3 minutes to cook and it’s common to have it al dente in firmness (“to the bite” in Italian). This simple Italian classic differs from each region in Italy, depending on the city’s specialty. Perugia is known for Umbricelli all’aglione pasta with a Bolognese sauce.