Perugia’s holiday: Feast of San Contanzo

di San Costanzo
torcolo & sweet wine

In celebration of San Contanzo, the saint of Perugia, I took a break from classes to get into the cultural spirit of the city on my own. A tent in the center of the palazzo welcomed everyone to enjoy free torcolo cake (more like a soft bread) filled with candied fruit. At first I grabbed one piece, but after seeing the locals grab three or four pieces each, I of course went back to grab more (couldn’t resist). I’m not sure if it was because I was hungry or because it was something new (probably both), but I loved it! I was then handed a small cup of dessert wine as I made my way out of the crowd.

I decided to relax and enjoy the treats on the steps near the church, a popular place to sit back and admire the city center.

In that very moment, I was completely content.

Perugia Feast, Holiday
Palazzo dei Priori
Torcolo of San Costanzo at a local pasty shop