Boston Strong


My mom always told me I’d love Boston. The idea of me attending graduate school at Harvard and meeting some gorgeous guy studying Political Science or something probably gives her hope that I won’t run off to some South American country and elope.

I’d have to admit that my mom is right about a lot of things, I did love my visit to Boston. Not only do I love the anticipation and thrill of exploring a city for the first time, but I had a mini reunion with some friends I met when I was living in Perugia, Italy!

It felt refreshing to be in a city that actually embraces Fall (seasons don’t exist in L.A.) and Boston has this undeniable tenacity, integrity, and pride that I appreciate and love (not to mention the U.S. was founded in the heart of the city).  But between the rides on the T from one part of town to another, passing by the impressive amount of Dunkin Donut shops and quoting Good Will Hunting at any given moment,  it dawned on me that the North End didn’t seem to spark like North Beach, and I couldn’t help but think of San Francisco…

*Bostonians refer to the train in Boston as the “T”

*North End: little Italy in Boston

*North Beach: little Italy in San Francisco