Defining beauty


Passing through a village outside of Kolkata, I quickly snapped this woman’s photo since I had fallen behind the rest of the group. I heard a “hey!” in broken English right after I passed her. I walked back to her, thinking she’d be upset I took her photo without asking.
I told her, “You look so beautiful. Can I take your photo?”
She instantly smiled then started posing for me, which is not common in this culture.

The few moments with her made me realize how she maybe hadn’t been recognized or noticed in the longest time.

What a beauty!


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India hit me like a two week-long, continuous hot yoga class–mentally and physically exhausting, yet rewarding and strangely empowering in ways I didn’t expect.

I was flooded with feelings of awe in the vibrant colors of the details and the natural essence of a simple, yet full life in the jungle. I’m anxious to share memories and stories that stood out based on the relationships created and the moments that made this experience so precious. Amongst the exhaustion from the humidity and travel challenges of health and discomfort, there is something so beautiful and fulfilling in acting out kindness.

Life without borders


In two weeks, I leave for an anticipated challenging adventure to India. My heart has been anxiously pursing something to stay passionate about, and that kept me close to my wanderlust and love for people.

As I join a group of diverse people from different ages and backgrounds, we share a common mission in putting love into action. Love is powerful and poverty is something foreign to most of us living in a place where we can access clean water and a toilet when we want. India has been on my heart for years and I am trying to prepare my heart with little expectations.

This short, two week (yet rewarding) opportunity allows me to grow in my faith in humanity, learn from a different culture than my own, while being open to what India can teach me about life. I don’t pretend I know what it is like to live in poverty, but I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with new friends in India. My hope is to be fully engaged and revealing kindness in action, without hesitation or fear. I don’t think you need to fly across the world in order to practice this, but I believe God is creative and values our willingness to explore His world.

Preparing for this adventure takes patience and consistent reflection. However, I have come to realize that we can only prepare ourselves so much for adventures; part of the experience is learning how to respond when challenges arise, and how to trust that things will turn out just as they should.

What would your life look like without borders?