The best of Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam was easily one of the best places to photograph
Tulips are a symbol of Holland, especially tulip fields. You can buy them everywhere in the city


One of my favorites, the canals are romantic and peaceful

I was surprised how much I loved Amsterdam. The Dutchman that lent us his home for the first night told me that “there’s more bikes than people in Amsterdam”, and he wasn’t kidding. This beautiful city is covered with bikers crossing over small brides framing glistening water canals, coffee shops with puff clouds with the concoction of weed and espresso, and dainty boutiques on every corner.

After my program ended, I met up with Sammi and Kara for the first day before they had to get home. We did all the social aspects of Amsterdam like our first experience at a “coffee shop”, then bug-eyed in the red light district, and laughing in the sex shops. Somewhere in between stuffing our faces with Dutch pancakes of course. I was surprised how beautiful the city is, because all anyone talks about is how prostitution and weed is legal. No one says anything about how gorgeous the city is at dusk and how romantic it is to take a boat ride with live music. I can’t forget that everyone was so friendly towards us, and three cheers for being able to speak English for a few days!

Seeing the Anne Frank House was a highlight since I’ve read and seen movies on her legacy.  Seeing the house in person was pretty crazy. I enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and just wandering the streets of the canals.

I highly recommend going to a cute organic bakery called De Laatste Kruimel (I went three times in the 2.5 days I was there). I’d argue it has THE best white chocolate raspberry scones with fresh cream I’ve ever had. And I eat a lot of pastries. You’ll recognize the bakery by their darling display of pastries, cakes, and sandwiches in the window.



A view of the red light district
Maybe my favorite coffee houses/bakeries in all of Europe, that’s a big deal
Dutch shoes on display at a vintage shop
My favorite little corner of the city