Perspective and studying abroad

“In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration.”– Ansel Adams

Lessons I want to remember, and welcome to the street of my apartment in Perugia!

I came across a post about “the reality of studying abroad”, and how a student believed that people intentionally try to glamorize their experiences on social networks, when in reality it’s just a façade and isn’t that special. I couldn’t help but think that studying abroad isn’t going to be what you want, if you don’t make it what you want. Always wanted to ______? Then go do it.

It’s an incredible opportunity— right in front of you.

An opportunity for you to decide how you’re going to spend your time and your money, depending on what you value and your priorities. I have no reason to judge anyones agendas for going abroad– hey, even if I didn’t know you, I’d probably think you’re awesome simply because you’re abroad. It shocked my friends when I said I’m 1 out of only 15 students that are abroad this semester from my college. A short conversation with a travel guide in Morocco resonated with me in particular. When I asked her if working for a student travel company, doing the same routes, to the same locations, ruined her passion for traveling, this is what she said:

“To be honest, no. I definitely need to take time for myself and travel on my own, but after coming home from studying abroad years ago, I realized that there’s still so much to see. And that’s what’s amazing.”

My professor in my cultural psychology internship is working on research about students changing after going abroad, and I don’t think it’s by accident that this happens.

Once we experience something exhilarating, something different, and we adapt to a culture, we learn how to embrace life in an entirely new way. 

I don’t believe we ever stop learning–searching for something that sparks our minds and warms our heart. That’s why I travel.

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