Weekend trip to Bologna, Italia


Chiara and Meg
Thinking of our friend Frida at this adorable floral shop
Falling in love with these gorgeous flowers in particular
I brought back asparagus to Perugia, all the fresh produce looked amazing
One of many outdoor bands playing in the center square
fresh, home-made for sale at a local shop

Known in Italia as a popular college town, Bologna has great shopping, outdoor musicians, and classic Bolognese pasta dishes of course. It reminded me of a larger Perugia. Our original “plan” was to eat our way through Bologna, stay the night, and leave for Verona the next day. We ended up staying in Bologna– we had to take advantage of the beautiful weather and keep eating pasta and drinking wine for 2 and half  hours (rough life, I know). My favorite area to explore is the market alley-way off of albergo delle drapperie, you can’t walk past the fresh produce and markets without feeling tempted to buy something.

After aperitivo (Italian tradition of pre-meal drinks and snacks), we met a group of friendly Italians from Milano celebrating their friend’s 23rd birthday at the table next to ours. We laughed when I got showered with gifts of a red rose and light-up mini mouse ears while we ate our dinner. Because they were some of the most sincere, non-creepy guys we’ve met this semester, we went out dancing after dinner and got a feel of the night life in Bologna. I know when I look back on this trip, I’ll be reminded of how this city brings out the fun and carefree side of it’s vistors.

2 thoughts on “Weekend trip to Bologna, Italia

  1. I am spending my first night in Bologna tonight..I can’t believe the vibe here…The night life is unmatched here and thousand of people hand out in this wonderful city….

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