48 hours in Barcelona, España

Obsessing over all the fun postcards-best I’ve seen yet
Trying a new fruit at the Mercat de la Boqueria
Sam picking out the label for her candy “happy pills”
Jessica under wire art
Casa Batlló at night
The line to get take out
"todos" (add everything) deliciousness sandwich
“todos” (add everything) deliciousness sandwich
View of the city at Park Güell (another work by Antonio Gaudí)
La Sagrada Familia is one of Gaudí’s most famous works in Barcelona


Sexy. That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of Barcelona (I was maybe influenced by the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona). Colorfully radiant, interesting art by the infamous Catalan architect (Gaudí) seems almost randomly placed within this metropolitan city. My immediate reaction was how friendly and confident the people are, and how the city comes alive at night. As our second stop on spring break, the less than 48 hours spent in Barcelona was a refreshing break from the overcast chills of Paris. The sun reminded me of southern California and I felt completely content just walking down Las Ramblas. Another study abroad student and good friend of Sammi, Jessica, was awesome and gave us an insiders only tour of the beautiful city. We shopped in the gothic quater, which reminded me of streets in Italia, took a tour of all the goodies at la Boqueria market, where we met two Italians and bonded. At a tapas bar, we ate a couple different tapas (small plates) as the football game was on and I suddenly felt the urge to yell along with everyone at the TV screen. We even got to experience the best kept not-so-secret anymore for any college student: Bó de B, and pretended like it was normal for us to start going out to a club at 2 am. This made us feel slightly Spanish/Catalan, even if it was for 2 days.

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