Wanderlust in Marrakech, Morocco

Shopping in the street markets
Taken while exploring near our hostel
Stephen negotiating prices for a hat in the market
Exploring the Berber village after hiking
Inside one of the Berber villages
I loved all the shopping
New friends from Chile and Canada
Sampling moroccan mint tea at a local herbal shop
Monkey business
The camel I rode in the Berber village
Jemaa el-Fnaa market at night
A local I met on my way to the market, look at that smile!

Before I left for Europe, I knew I had to get to Morocco. I don’t know exactly what attracted me to the country in the first place to be honest, but I’m so grateful that I not only got to see it for four days, but my experience surpassed my expectations. As my last stop of my 10 day spring break adventure, Sammi and I met up with our friend Stephen and spent our time haggling prices for authentic Moroccan pieces at the Jemaa el-Fnaa market, riding camels, and hiking in the Berber village. We were aware that photography was not welcomed as part of their culture; it is polite to ask to take a photo before you take it. This became a facilitator in creating dialogue with people we met, as well as an interesting challenge we boldly accepted. Vivid with pops of colors, Marrakech has this electric, fast pace that instantly grabs your attention. The intricate details in the handmade woven bags and beaded rugs, the beautiful architecture, and incredible food–I loved it all.

My trip to Morocco was a turning point in my life. It felt like I finally got the culture shock traveling experience that I’ve been craving. On the plane back to Italy,  I realized that I have so much more to see, like I was embedded with an even stronger dose of wanderlust than before. Morocco will hold a piece of my heart as the place that stirred up a passion to create a life full of a different kind of travel.

wanderlust (noun) \ˈwän-dər-ˌləst\ – an irresistibly strong desire or an impulse to travel far away and explore different places

 يا حبيبي يلل Yalla Habibi! Let’s go, my love

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