Day trip to Gubbio, Italia

Gubbio, italy

Gubbio, Italy



Photo credit: Mike Spagnoli, the Californian-solo-traveler we picked up off the streets and invited to dinner. Instant friends! Any fear of heights had to be put on pause for the lift to see the gorgeous view of the city… we all felt a little more adventurous after the ride down (especially Meg) 🙂 The unexpected hike in wedges was enough to remind me I can do anything…

Gubbio, Italy, Nature


Gubbio, Cafe

Chiara and one of my roommates, Sammi, relaxing at a local caffè after taking the lift down the mountain to catch a priceless view of the city (highlight of the trip). Gubbio is rich in 15th century history; we even had the opportunity to experience it for the first time with Chiara to visit her family’s homeland.  A quick 45 minute, 9 euro bus ride from Perugia, Gubbio is a fun day trip and another beautiful Umbrian city to appreciate.


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